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State Representative Introduces Bill to Remove Cannabis From Michigan Controlled Substances Act

On March 4, 2022, Michigan State Representative Yousef Rabhi (D-Ann Arbor) introduced legislation (HB5877) to remove cannabis as a scheduled substance under the Michigan Public Health Code (aka, the Michigan Controlled Substances Act). The Michigan Controlled Substances Act - which largely mirrors the federal controlled substances act and provides state level criminal penalties for the illegal use, possession, distribution, possession, and sale of controlled substances - classifies cannabis as a Schedule 1 and 2 drug. Removing cannabis from the list of Schedule 1 and 2 substances would effectively decriminalize cannabis at the state level.

In announcing the bill, named after famed Flynt area poet and cannabis advocate John Sinclair, Representative Rabhi stated:

"Yesterday, I introduced what I’m calling the “John Sinclair Act” (HB 5877) to fully de-schedule cannabis from the list of scheduled substances. There is no good reason for us to keep criminalizing a plant that is legal in our state."

HB5877 also carries rare bi-lateral support among both industry and personal possession advocates, with the Bill currently carrying 9 cosponsors in the Michigan House. The Bill has also received public support from a number of cannabis advocacy organizations, including: The Michigan Cannabis Industry Association, NORML of Michigan, The Black and Brown Cannabis Guild, The Black Cannabis Access, and Great Lakes Expungement Network, among others.

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